Lower Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon, located on Navajo land near Page, Arizona. Some have asked if you can see the saturated colors with the naked eye. The answer is "no." Photos taken in this canyon, which is 50 feet or more below the surface, need to be captured with the camera on a tripod, ISO 400 and higher, and the lens stopped down to achieve as great a depth of field as possible. Also, due to no direct light, exposures may vary from a second to over a minute. I had no idea of the proper settings but listened to the pros shooting around me. I also had no idea of the beautiful colors in the canyon until after each photo was taken. Another tip - if you want to get out of there alive, please do not use your flash. I didn't and I survived. Best results are achieved when the sun is high in the sky, and from late Spring to early Fall. Someone wanted to know if using a flash would stir up bats or some other form of wildlife. I'm sure it could. I was cautioned not to use a flash because of the wrath that could potentially rain down on me from other photographers. The saturated colors that you see in photos like mine are only achieved by using time exposures. A flash will only wash out the colors. - Rick Crimmel Photography